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Your health and safety program is an essential part of your business, your employee’s safety, and your reputation. While HSE is vital, it’s also an expense. I’d like to introduce the concept of spending money to save money on health and safety, an approach that might seem strange in these times of COVID-19 uncertainty. Hear me out.

Paper costs your program Time and Money
We created the SafetyAdmin Return on Investment ROI calculator to help you assess the “true cost of paper”. The ROI calculator looks at what happens when your staff stop using hard-copy paper work associated with running a paper-based health and safety program and move to automation. I’m sure you’ll see that SafetyAdmin more than pays for itself. Please make a copy of the spreadsheet and make the changes to match the number of employees, construction sites and other factors.

Request a copy of the ROI spreadsheet:

Let me know what ROI you’re getting on the spreadsheet with you enter how many employees you have, X how many forms your employees complete X how many sites your work on.

The SafetAdmin Competitive Advantage
SafetyAdmin is used by many construction and trades as part of their digital transformation strategy to help them streamline their health and safety program costs and become more competitive. As an effective tool to help keep everyone up to date with digital forms, SafetyAdmin helps monitor all HSE related tasks, corrective actions, toolbox talks, hazard assessment, equipment mgmt, training re-certification notice, etc. The SafetyAdmin iPhone/Android App allows remote workers in the field to access and complete forms on the fly with their own smartphone, even on sites without cell or wifi coverage.

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