Safety Program – The cost of paper

There are too many blog posts with “How much paper costs you” titles with too few sources. For our calculation we are going to assume the company is trying to save money printing and is extremely efficient in cutting costs. But print costs can range from 4.5 cents to 20 cents per page depending on print media.


For our calculation we are going to use the Brother Monochrome Wireless Laser Printer (HLL2370DW).

Let’s say we buy the Brother TN760 Black Toner Cartridge from Staples for $99.99.

It’s yield is 3000 pages. Your print cost is around 3.5 cents per page.


We then buy paper.

We buy printing paper in bulk from Staples, 5000 pages for $63.99, which comes out to about 1.2 cents per page.

Your Program

Let’s say we work on four sites and with crews of 10 employees on each site. We complete a daily hazard assessment, daily pre-trip inspection, a weekly toolbox talk and a weekly inspection. Each form consists of 2 pages.

The total cost

Our calculation 4 locations * ((4 daily hazard assessments + 4 daily pre-trip inspections * 5 work days a week) + 1 weekly toolbox talk + 1 weekly inspection).

It comes out to a total of 108 forms completed per week.

We then times it by 2 since each consist of 2 pages, and then 4.2 cents, the cost per page. It comes out to $9.07 a week, or $471.64‬ a year.

What this doesn’t include

The cost of paper is much more complicated then the print and ink cost, it costs money to transfer paper between employees, it costs money to scan, copy and distribute paper, it costs money to file paper and storage and it costs money to retrieve paper. The paper and ink cost is just the tip of the ice berg.

About SafetyAdmin

SafetyAdmin is a turnkey software solution and a smartphone app that includes all the content, forms and libraries you need for your health and safety program. It was built from the ground up around COR, helping you automate and streamlining your program.

SafetyAdmin was created by Delta Safety Tech, with 30 years of experience in developing health and safety programs, training, as well as External COR audit services.

To learn more about how SafetyAdmin can help your company, call us at 1-888-316-0693 or click here to schedule a free consultation and demo.

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