WorkSafe finds over 300 violations of COVID-19

The news in BC is alarming. All businesses have to continue to be vigilant with their COVID-19 health and safety plans. Companies that do not follow proper COVID-19 protocols risk the safety of their employees and the customers, and the potential to be shut down by WorkSafeBC 

WorkSafeBC is the official government organization in British Columbia responsible for tracking COVID-19 in all workplaces. 

They have the power and authority to verify and audit a company’s COVID-19 safety plan, conduct unannounced on-site inspections, and issue health and safety violations. 

They are responsible for tracking a company’s official COVID-19 safety plan. 

As of July 3rd, WorkSafeBC has issued 334 health and safety order violations, here’s the industry breakdown: 

  • Construction, 60
  • Manufacturing, 82
  • Primary Resources, 18
  • Public Sector, 3
  • Service Sector, 104
  • Trade, 65
  • Transportation and Warehousing, 2

SafetyAdmin was built from the ground up around WorkSafeBC regulations. SafetyAdmin is specialized to help all BC companies implement and record all health and safety activities related to COVID-19 program.

About SafetyAdmin

SafetyAdmin is a turnkey software solution and a smartphone app that includes all the content, forms and libraries you need for your health and safety program. It was built from the ground up around COR, helping you automate and streamlining your program. 

SafetyAdmin was created by Delta Safety Tech, with 30 years of experience in developing health and safety programs, training, as well as External COR audit services. To learn more about how SafetyAdmin can help your company, call us at 1-888-316-0693 or click here to schedule a free consultation and demo.   

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