Construction Sector and Safety: “Down, but not out”

The COVID-19 pandemic has kicked the stuffing out of many industries, many businesses are still struggling.  Finding ways to reduce expenses is a top priority. The business of construction continues and so does the need for safety.  If the COVID-19 pandemic wasn’t a factor, would you still be looking at ways to create efficiencies within your current health and safety program? 

Safety Pays 

SafetyAdmin is used by many construction and trades as part of their digital transformation strategy to help them streamline their health and safety program costs. End result: businesses using SafetyAdmin create better overall efficiency and become more competitive.

How much does your paper-based health and safety program cost to run? 

We created the SafetyAdmin ROI calculator. The calculator looks at what happens when you streamline and reduce the amount of hardcopy paperwork associated with running a paper-based health and safety program. It gives you an estimate of how much money your company can save moving away from a paper base HSE program. We’re sure you’ll see that SafetyAdmin more than pays for itself.  Request access to the SafetyAdmin ROI Calculator 

SafetyAdmin saves your company money and staff resources 

Chasing after completed safety forms become a thing of the past. As an effective tool to help keep everyone up to date with issues like COVID-19 practices, SafetyAdmin helps monitor all HSE-related tasks, corrective actions, toolbox talks, hazard assessment, equipment mgmt, training recertification notifications, etc. The SafetyAdmin iPhone/Android app allows remote workers in the field to access and complete forms, access procedures and data sheets on the fly with their own smartphone, even on sites without cell or wifi coverage. 

About SafetyAdmin

SafetyAdmin is a turnkey software solution and a smartphone app that includes all the content, forms and libraries you need for your health and safety program. It was built from the ground up around COR, helping you automate and streamlining your program. 

SafetyAdmin was created by Delta Safety Tech, with 30 years of experience in developing health and safety programs, training, as well as External COR audit services. 
To learn more about how SafetyAdmin can help your company, call us at 1-888-316-0693 or click here to schedule a free consultation and demo.

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