Evaluating Automation Software for your Health and Safety Program

When evaluating health and safety automation software, remember to consider the source of the safety regulations and what privacy laws are subject to. 

We launched SafetyAdmin.com  seven years ago to help the construction and other high-risk sectors manage their HSE program with greater efficiency. All of our clients were seeking a new way of managing their HSE program so they could move away from their paper-based program.  

Over the years we’ve spoken with hundreds of business owners and HSE professionals, we’ve learned they’re using a cross-section of software. Some companies use applications developed in British Columbia (like SafetyAdmin),  or from other parts of Canada, even the United States or Australia.

For companies that are using systems developed outside of BC or even Canada, we started to ask ourselves the following questions: 

Where does the system originate?

  • Does the provider’s solution take into account BC’s or your region’s health and safety requirements? 
  • Does the provider’s solution set up processes that assist companies in meeting regulations, or COR requirements?

Where is the software hosted? 

  • If the solution is a SaaS (Software as a Solution), is the provider compliant with Canadian Federal privacy PIPDA and provincial PIPA regulations for safe storage and hosting of employee personal information? 
  • Is data subject to foreign privacy laws that might be in conflict with Canadian privacy standards?

Make sure you consider these factors when evaluating the best software for managing your health and safety program.

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