Interview: Jim and COVID-19

We interview Jim Riches, President of Delta Safety Tech, to gain his insights on what opportunities exist with downtime created by COVID-19.

Jim has 30 years of experience in developing training programs, policy, as well as an external COR and WIVA auditor in both private and public sectors.

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the construction and trades sector immensely. Many businesses have either slowed down or have come to a complete standstill.
For business owners and occupational health and safety professionals, now is a golden opportunity to evaluate your company’s HSE program. This time allows HSE professionals to look back and assess leading and lagging aspects of their program, and to look at ways to improve their program for the future.

One thought on “Interview: Jim and COVID-19

  1. Modern times require a modern approach – as a safety management system can improve efficiencies and ensure your safety program remains effective, especially during these unprecedented times of Covid-19.

    – Robert St George, Stakeholder Relations Executive
    Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC

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